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Economics and building management I

Ing. Martin Hanko, PhD., doc. Ing. Eva Jankovichová, PhD.



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The university textbook extends knowledge from construction economics and building management. This knowledge is intended for students of several study programs at first and second level studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of various universities. Knowledge can also be used by students of various courses, training courses and seminars. The textbook deals with the construction enterprises and their organizational forms and property and modelling of maintenance costs of building structures.Sustainability is a term we encounter every day, but it is important to realize how we can influence the construction industry. Civil engineering students or anyone interested in starting a business will have to make decisions about several factors in their business. We must emphasize it even when deciding in which area we will do business. How can we influence and model the various costs of a construction company, from the choice of an organizational form of business, through the subject of business, detailed planning of the acquisition of the construction company's property, to the planning of future operating costs. In every step, a detailed analysis of the impact on the environment and the calculation of the carbon footprint that our activity will leave is important. Therefore, economic cost planning during the entire life cycle of a construction object is important, whether we will design it, implement it, or manage it during the use phase. As an aid and a necessary part, it is precisely the high-quality preparation of documents that are processed in detail in the textbook.



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